Three Types of Cricket Shoes

There are many different types of cricket shoes available in the market, but these three have several key characteristics that make them the best. The first trait is traction. In fact, real grass is not like synthetic turf – it sits on dirt and requires superior grip. The second characteristic is comfort. Rubber outsoles offer durability, slip resistance, and comfort. The outsole is where the spikes are fitted. It also determines how comfortable and easy the shoes are to move around in.

PU, Microfiber and high quality synthetic materials

When selecting a pair to buy cricket shoes, you should pay close attention to the quality of the upper material. The ideal cricket shoes are made from PU, Microfiber, or high quality synthetic materials, and are made to be lightweight while being strong enough to endure the rough conditions that are common in cricket. Your cricket shoes should also have plenty of cushioning to absorb the shock that your feet may experience during a game. They should also be designed to provide adequate support to your lower leg during intense running.

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As far as durability is concerned, you should look for a pair of cricket shoes with a PU or Microfiber upper. This lightweight material offers a lot of durability and comfort, and is perfect for grass cricket pitches. If you’re an all-rounder, then you’ll want to consider getting a pair of cricket shoes with a rubber stud, which will protect your fingers. A rubber stud is one of the most popular features of these shoes, and they’re incredibly durable.

Eva mid sole

The EVA midsole is made from a compressed material that provides shock absorption and cushioning to the wearer’s feet. Another advantage of the EVA midsole is that it is lighter than other insoles and less likely to absorb heat. This keeps the foot warmer longer. This material is commonly used in vegan shoes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common types of cricket shoes and the benefits they offer.

One of the most noticeable differences between compression molded and injection molded midsoles is their size. Compression molding uses a much smaller block of EVA foam than the actual midsole. The EVA suddenly expands three times its compressed size once it has been released from the mold. The injection molding process avoids the waste that result from the compression molded method. This makes the EVA midsole a more cost effective option.

GN Atomic

The GN Atomic Cricket shoe is a lightweight, entry level model that meets the needs of club and junior cricketers. The Atomic features a streamlined design and Powerbrace support elements to reduce the stress on the foot. A combination of blown rubber and moulded pimple studs makes this shoe comfortable and lightweight. Its midsole is made from a lightweight, monotone TPU material for stability.

The GN Atomic junior spike cricket shoe is perfect for entry-level cricket players. Its torsion technology is known to provide unrivaled balance on the pitch, and the strategically placed spikes provide excellent traction. These cricket shoes are available as full or half spike, depending on your preferences and the level of play you need to play. The lightweight design is perfect for indoor play, and the spiked outsole is designed to allow you to easily switch from half to full spike depending on your skill level.

Kookaburra KC 3.0

A pair of Kookaburra KC 3.0-style cricket shoes is the perfect combination of revolutionary design and quality manufacture. This pair of cricket shoes is a must-have for any discerning cricketer. These cricket shoes feature a breathable mesh upper, full metal spikes, and a durable heel sole. Both styles feature rubber soles and are available in a variety of sizes.

Newbery Performance Spike

The NEWBERY Performance Spike cricket shoes provide excellent grip, superior midfoot support, and a stylish outlook. These shoes also feature a compression-molded insole, which minimizes friction and enhances the natural motion of your feet during play. They also feature a padded tongue and heel to provide comfort when stepping into them. The Newbery Cricket Elite shoes are the next step up from the performance spike series.

These cricket shoes have a raised heel for traction and stability. The athletic fit and feel of these spikes make them perfect for all surfaces. Half-spikes are better for batters as they offer more responsiveness and are lighter than full spikes. Batsmen often run on grass and need a secure grip. The Newbery Cricket Elite spike cricket shoes are made of a durable mesh material that keeps your foot in place and is designed to promote natural motion.