Things to Know Before Replacing Door Locks

If you are planning to replace the locks in your house, here are some things you should know. While rekeying is the easiest option, you might want to consider a smart lock instead, which provides scheduled key codes. Also, rekeying will save you money, but it will require you to pay a professional to install the locks. In addition, you should know the costs of replacing the locks.

Rekeying is a better option

While many people are tempted to simply replace their door locks, rekeying may be the better choice. Not only is it a more affordable option, but it also provides added Home Security. When you lose your keys, or you know someone else has a duplicate of the key, rekeying your locks can help protect you from identity theft. You can even rekey the locks of your old apartment or condo to make them more difficult to duplicate.

Changing Locks on a Door? 7 Things to Know First - Bob Vila

Rekeying is a cheaper option than changing your door locks, and you can use the same key to open more than one. However, if you have several locks of different brands or are looking to replace your whole security system, rekeying is the better choice. A new key will make a difference if you have multiple keys for different locks. And it’s almost always safer than changing your door locks.

Smart locks offer scheduled key codes

With a variety of options available, smart locks offer enhanced convenience, increased security, and heightened connectivity. From letting you lock and unlock your doors remotely to managing user codes and letting you receive notifications, smart locks provide the solutions to every familiar situation. Two-factor authentication requires two types of credentials to unlock your doors. You can also set a master code to limit changes to existing codes. Before you replace door locks, consider upgrading to smart locks.

Although smart locks are becoming increasingly popular, many of the products available are still in their infancy. Even the top models can balk when it comes to stiff deadbolts or doors that don’t close well. The same applies if your door locks are not standard, such as garage doors and sheds. No smart lock is perfect, and no company is claiming to produce the best one. However, smart locks are an excellent way to avoid expensive replacements and ensure a secure home.

Adjusting the lock to fit your door

If your door is not quite square or rectangular, you may need to adjust the lock to fit. To do this, insert a Phillips screwdriver into the holes in the motor. Turn the screw until the bolt is tight and then screw it down. To install the new lock, make sure that the two parts of the latch are aligned. Once they are in place, install the locking plate. Once installed, you may want to add a decorative base plate.

To resize the bolt pocket, you may need to raise the strike plate slightly or lower it. You can find steps on how to adjust strike plates on Family Handyman’s website. You may also notice that the bolt pocket is not large enough to allow the bolt to fully extend. To correct this, you need to either make the bolt pocket deeper or make it wider or taller. If you can’t adjust the strike plate, you can use a chisel to make the bolt pocket deeper or wider.

Costs of replacing door locks

Costs of changing door locks are not fixed and vary depending on the type of lock you need to replace. Many people choose to buy new hardware, but there are several alternatives, including rekeying existing locks. The latter option is typically less expensive but requires drilling and alteration of the door. For this reason, many people do not take this step unless they are moving to a new place or have already lost a key.

While installing a lock set costs a few dollars, choosing a high-quality product will increase the ease of installation and the longevity of the lock. Buying a lock set that uses the same type of key is highly recommended. Many lockset manufacturers code their boxes to be able to match the keys with the same key. If you purchase a new lockset from a home improvement store, be sure to request that the locksmith also cut the keys for you. Most counters will cut matching keys at no additional charge.