5 Timeless Benefits that Melbourne Homeowners Get with Composite Timber

Melbourne has a great coastline dotted with many beaches like St. Kilda, Elwood, Williamstown, and more, suitable for various activities such as surfing, swimming, sunbathing, barbecuing, or just simple strolling. Decks are very popular in the buildings in coastal areas in Melbourne because they help in enjoying nature at least in a small way, though not fully as one can do on a beach.

Sunbathing, barbecuing, and enjoying the sea breeze are some of the things that one can do on a deck. With the arrival of composite decking on the scene, more and more homeowners in Melbourne are opting for it for their decks because of the many advantages it has over conventional choices like stone or wood. Given below are the main benefits of Composite Decking in Melbourne.

1.   Lengthy lifetime

Most companies will give about 25 years of warranty for their composite decking while many claim that capped composite can even last 30 years or more. As against this, wood decks are believed to last only up to 15 years because of the damage resulting from constant exposure to sunlight, rainwater, and wind. Stones may last long but they do not have many of the other benefits that composite decking has. Composite deck is specifically designed to withstand the corrosion resulting from exposure to elements of nature.

2.   Assurance of safety

Since composite timber does not split, splinter, warp, or break, it is safer to use than any other type of decking. Since it does not splinter, users can safely walk barefoot over it. Decks made of capped composite, especially of the grooved type, are very resistant to slipping because the enhanced resin in it offers good friction.

When the deck is that of wood, it is never safe to use a firepit on it. Of course, exposure to fire is harmful to composite decks also, but here, a pit can be put on a raised brick structure at a particular height from the ground and at a distance from the railings, if any. Barbecue can also be done on a composite deck, so far as the grill is positioned at the suggested height.

3.   Low maintenance needs

Anything made of wood needs to be maintained well for it to last. Such maintenance is done by varnishing, painting, etc. Wood is also vulnerable to being attacked by beetles, termites, and fungi. Composite decking is free from all these. All it needs is regular cleaning with a brush or broom and occasional cleaning with a deck-cleaning detergent and warm water. Stone paving may also be easy to clean but stones do not give the range of colour and pattern choices that composite decking gives.

4.   Cost-effective

Composite decking is definitely costlier than wood but it is cost-effective. For the money one spends on composite decking material, one gets many benefits like durability, easy maintenance, safety, etc. So, in the long run, money spent on a composite deck will prove to be a better investment than other choices. The time spent on cleaning and maintaining a wood deck will drain one’s time and energy also, besides the money that has to be spent on these jobs.

5.   Good appearance

Composite decks are always aesthetically more appealing because of the rich colours and patterns the material offers. Besides, since they require very little maintenance, they will continue to look brand new even after they have been in use for many years, as long as they are given regular soap-and-water cleaning.


Composite decks are also valued for their eco-friendliness. Since manufacturers use recycled plastic and wood for making the composite material, the demand for fresh wood is very low for WPC (Wood Plastic Composite). Thus, it helps in the protection of forests also. There’s no doubt that composite decking maintains a great balance between safety, reliability, strength, and good looks.